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Change is the only constant.

There’s real wisdom in that saying, especially when it comes to technology. It’s become a bigger and bigger part of our lives. Not just as an accessory (though who doesn’t love grabbing some factoid off the internet with a voice command?) but as a tool for knowing more and doing more and maybe even being more.

Here at Overabove, we see how technology is changing the art and science of marketing everything, from financial services and schools to resort vacations and real estate. Consumers are smarter, better informed and a whole lot more cynical than in the older, simpler days of marketing when a catchy slogan, brilliant ad and some decent lists could get the job done. Today, we’re far more likely to trust one another than a brand spokesperson. We check out TripAdvisor before visiting a hotel website and weigh Amazon reviews before hitting “add to cart.”

More data is coming in, faster and faster. With 10,000 messages aimed at us daily, we’re practically drowning in it. So we cull and cut, delete and flat-out ignore the noise to keep our heads above the flood.

So how do marketers sidestep all that culling and ignoring, and get into the heads of consumers? By helping clients tell their story in a uniquely irresistible way and reach the right consumers at the right time on the right platform to inform, entice and motivate them to buy.

And that means knowing a lot about those consumers. Not only where they live and how much they make and what they’ve bought in the past but also who they are, what they value and how to talk with them when they’re deciding what to buy. Sure, every tweet, post, swipe, search and click from a potential customer tells us more. But how do we turn data into useful information?

This is where that changing technology comes in. Because the technology that’s empowering us as individuals is also empowering marketers who have the knowledge and skill to use it to personalize the consumer experience. Big data, artificial intelligence, augmented reality: it’s a whole new world and it’s pretty darned exciting.

I’m going to be talking about what we’re doing at Overabove to become smarter, more effective marketers by using consumer data and marketing technology to help our clients to get results over and above anything they’ve seen before. Stay tuned to the blog for more!

Deven Spear

Chief Innovation Officer