New Marketing For a New Community

What’s the best way to attract and speak to consumers who are bombarded with thousands of marketing messages every day? Cut through the clutter with a clear voice to tell real stories with impact.

That’s how Overabove is helping Raydient Places + Properties, the real estate development subsidiary of the 90-year-old timber REIT Rayonier. Raydient is building a new master-planned community called Wildlight north of Jacksonville, Florida. Wildlight is designed to combine a Florida Lowcountry vibe with high-tech capabilities to make living easy and more playful.

Recognizing how today’s consumers get the information they use to make buying decisions, Overabove is leveraging powerful technology tools from Salesforce, Hubspot and BrightDoor to help manage the buyer lifecycle and sales funnel. By optimizing marketing and sales technologies, Raydient is better able to identify, measure and deliver interaction with prospective community members in ways that make selling more efficient and buying much more personalized.

Charles Adams, who leads the Community Development efforts for Raydient Places + Properties previously partnered with Overabove as head of Celebration Associates’ real estate development projects.

“Thanks to Overabove and BrightDoor, Celebration Associates’ Homestead Preserve
project sold out on day one in 2007.” – Charles Adams

“Consumers and technology have both changed
dramatically since then,”

Adams adds, “and Overabove has stayed way ahead in making the most of the changes. That’s why ten years later, we brought these best-in-class marketers back together at Wildlight. What we’re doing here in Florida Lowcountry can serve as a model for a new wave of communities built to make life better.”– Charles Adams

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