Roman Road Rage


How do marketers continue to attract valuable millennials to brands when what they want is instant gratification? (more…)

Man vs. Machine: There’s no such thing as future-proof


The future is happening whether we like it or not. John and Deven discuss why you can’t proof against the future – but you can innovate for it. Here’s how to get prepared. (more…)

Being Smart With Social Media


In a world filled with automation, likes and mindless scrolling, it’s easy to lose yourself in the digital tidal wave of social media content.  (more…)

The Awestruck Human


As we rounded the corner in the center of the ancient city, he stopped in his tracks, awestruck. Dumbfounded as the Duomo came into view, my third eldest stood wide eyed and speechless. (more…)

Joan Jett and the Crossroads


An ancient crossroads becomes a modern reality-check

Flipping through the vinyl records in Bradlees felt like an adventure every time. So much to explore just beyond that cellophane cover and colorful sleeve. Anticipating the crack of the needle as it found its groove. Speakers ready, the waiting almost over. (more…)

Are you Agile?


It’s hard to remember the last time I had a conversation with an internal or external stakeholder that didn’t involve the word “change.” Whether at work or home, everything in life seems to be in constant flux. (more…)