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It’s hard to remember the last time I had a conversation with an internal or external stakeholder that didn’t involve the word “change.” Whether at work or home, everything in life seems to be in constant flux.

Disruptive technology affects all facets of our life and is rapidly altering the way businesses operate. There’s no escape. Companies are being forced to change the way they approach business, or they will soon become obsolete.

Marketing is no different. While traditional marketing still has its place, we must embrace a methodology that allows us to move at the speed the market calls for. Agile Marketing is simply a collection of well-defined management practices that are focused on continuous improvement. It allows for executing on a strategy in times when change is the constant.

Daily standups, user stories, sprints and retrospectives are just some of the techniques and practices marketers use when they do Agile. But, is Agile Marketing worth the effort? Here’s some motivational factors from our friends at Forbes and their support network:

  • Agile Marketing gets campaigns into the market faster, say 27% of marketing leaders
  • 93% of CMOs who employ Agile practices say their speed-to-market for ideas, campaigns, and products has improved
  • More projects are completed on time following the switch to Agile marketing, say 28% of senior marketers

I am convinced. However, I also have experienced the results first hand. An innovative idea, compelling strategy or unique concept is a solid starting point in business, but Agile Marketing is becoming a necessity that will increase project success and allow for businesses to thrive during these disruptive times.

Guy Greene

Strategic Account and Program Director