Introducing the Head of our L.A. Office, Tara Walls

As Head of Entertainment for Overabove, Tara will draw upon nearly 25 years of experience in the Hollywood entertainment industry to connect brands with television shows, feature films and talent. She will leverage industry relationships and tap her experience in brand integration and promotional partnerships, as well as with music and influencers, to craft customized entertainment partnerships aimed at elevating brands and influencing consumers. She will also create original content to give brands exposure.

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Tara Walls

Overabove is now in L.A.

We’re thrilled to announce the expansion of our business footprint.

In addition to our new entertainment offering, that means Overabove’s production services, as well as its strategic marketing and communications services, are now available from coast to coast – from our home base in Essex, Connecticut, to our new digs in Los Angeles.

Manhattan Beach Studios' Media Campus

Overabove’s new office is located on Manhattan Beach Studios’ Media Campus – a facility encompassing the kind of fast-moving, creative and production activity at the heart of our culture and services.

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office: 310.321.7842 | mobile: 310.406.6369
manhattan beach studios | ​1600 rosecrans avenue, media center, third floor | manhattan beach, ca 90266