Reviews in the Wind


Papers flapping from the wind and whirl of people passing by. Browned and aged and discolored by the Venetian sun. Gathered together, one on top of the other, clamoring for individual attention. Handwritten, layered notes and messages exclaiming joy and happiness and memories made. (more…)

5 Tips to Create Better Content in 2018


In 2018, most brands and marketing departments have figured out that they need to be in the content game. Many have gone far beyond dipping their toe in the water, but are they doing it well? The art of creating meaningful and helpful content seems to have alluded so many companies. “Nearly half of consumers won’t spend time with branded content if it’s not relevant.” (more…)

Colorado (Not Just Denver) Hosts Season 15 of Top Chef


Quick! Name your top culinary destinations in the U.S.! New York? San Francisco? Chicago? If you didn’t mention somewhere in Colorado in your top three, you’re probably wondering how, or more importantly WHY, season 15 of Top Chef is set in the magnificent state of Colorado? Did the producers run out of delectable cities and now they’ve moved onto entire states? (more…)

A Marketer’s Introduction to Disruption and Transformation


It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change. – Charles Darwin

Change, in all forms, is a familiar theme at Overabove and in all of today’s world of marketing. Everything is changing around us, yet few business leaders recognize the impact. Even fewer critically comprehend how to take advantage of these dramatic forces. (more…)

Hey, Writer’s Block – Watch This


Deciding to write about writer’s block was my first mistake.

Write what you know, they said. It’ll be easy, they said. And I certainly know writer’s block – it’s something I deal with nearly every day. But the road from great idea to great writing is often long, winding and full of potholes. And therein lies our problem! (more…)

Introducing The Head Of Our L.A. Office, Tara Walls


As Head of Entertainment for Overabove, Tara will draw upon nearly 25 years of experience in the Hollywood entertainment industry to connect brands with television shows, feature films and talent.  (more…)