Disrupting and Transforming Strategic Marketing

The naming of longtime Overabove partner Deven Spear as the firm’s Chief Innovation Officer signals the continued evolution of Overabove’s leading role in using technology to disrupt and transform strategic marketing. Built expressly for the way people consume information, Overabove understands that a relentless, ever-accelerating move to digital communication means people are besieged by the noise of thousands of marketing messages clamoring to take up mindspace.

The progression from analog to digital communications is far more than a simple platform change. It’s a tectonic shift that marks a before and an after. In the “before” Analog Age, brands pushed out print and broadcast marketing to the consumer: the brand spoke and the consumer listened. In contrast, when a brand speaks in the “after” Digital Age, buyers respond with skepticism and then turn to peers (either actual or virtual) for an opinion. If in the Analog Age the task of the strategic marketer was to convince consumers to buy, now it’s to inform, instruct and influence them so they can convince themselves to buy. Cutting through all that clutter means marketers have to think smarter and better.